Article Flipping

Very simple way to flip articles for massive profits.

You bid on a eLance project for 25 articles, make sure you take the lower end of the middle bid. It will take you a while to get a good rating for article writing.

Once you’ve got a 25 article project for 250$ you split it up and advertise to hire 5 articles written for 15$ thats 10$ profits.

On this one 25 article project you’ve made $30 instantly, you’ve put in no work what so ever, nothing, zero, nada, zilch you get the message.

If you can bid on a project and find freelancers every 5minutes… 30$ x 12 (for the hour) = $360.00 for 1 hours work..

Easy CPA cash

This is a short and sweet way to earn quick money from a CPA network.
Setup a landing page that looks like a job application form, string in the clocked affiliate link, put a advert into the job centre and bang bobs your uncle

Register GoDaddy domains for 99c

Register any new domain with for just 99 cents for 1 year!

Use the coupon code BOWL2010 works on .com an variety of other extensions
works on domain transfers too… but it doesn’t work on renewals.

Magazine affiliate marketing via craigslist

Craigslist is a very very saturated market, only the wise can make a few dollars from this service. We will be using magazine affiliate programs for this technique.

You’ll need the following:

  • Maxbounty affiliate program (or a magazine affiliate program)
  • Related domain name
  • Auto email responder.

1. Sign up to craigslist, gumtree etc. you’ll need to make a new post in the ‘For Sale > Freebie’ section. When you design your ad you want to use text only no fancy images as your playing Joe Blogs.

Hey, are you thinking about a great deal on a magazine subscription to sports. I ended up with two as I got one for free of charge, but don’t need it so it’s the latest issue so people wanting to
make a reasonable provide I am all ears. It will become a 1st served
deal to everyone that wants it at a reasonable cost. You would like it, then let’s
make a deal, email me at *

2. Get ready to be bombarded with emails. Now set up your auto email responder to spit out the following message

Oh No!
Guess what you just missed out on the magazine subscription to sports, I just accepted a very
reasonable offer. Don’t leave yet even though simply because I can tell you where to go
to get your Free magazine subscription which is a similar location I got mine. All you require to do
is go here and enter your email here: blah blah

Just direct them to your domain name with the offer, you can forward your domain name onto the affiliate link or have your own landing page. This way you don’t have to use any blackhat techniques.

Top paying Adsense Keywords for 2010

Okay, here’s a massive list of top paying Keywords for 2010. If your stuck looking to pick a niche, close your eyes and randomly point on the screen

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eBook affiliate marketing targeting nerds

Okay we all know that nerds can’t pull girlfriends for toffee (stereotypically), using this technique we will allow them to find there perfect match.

You’ll need the following:

  • Affiliate links to adultfriendfinder and
  • eBooks, PLR or commissioned – heck you could even write them yourself

1. Sign up to and as a affiliate, find or write a eBook based on dating but you’ll need to cut the eBook down to 2-3 pages so the reader doesn’t get bored.

2. Paste your affiliate links to your chosen networks at the top and bottom of the eBook, it doesn’t hurt adding them into the content.

3. Upload your eBook to as many torrent download sites as possible, you need a really good title – something like “$250 UNDERGROUND DATING EBOOK ONLY 10 COPIES WERE SOLD”.

4. Sit back and refresh your affiliate commissions pages, watch the moola roll in

Russians hack into a digital billboard. They played hardcore porn for 4 hours

Russians hack into a billboard inside downtown moscow, my sources tell me that 2 billboards were hacked.